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Christopher Letendre

Mr. Letendre reaches out to the general population with investing advice via his three times weekly radio show. In order to make better decisions about their financial futures, Cape Retirement Radio helps its listeners better understand retirement income options, asset management, Social Security, Medicaid, and legacy and estate preparation. It should be noted that Mr. Letendre’s investment advisory services are provided by Brookstone Wealth Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, for the benefit of the radio show’s listeners. There is no connection between Chris Letendre and Brookstone Wealth Advisors, LLC. Every investment has some risk, including the potential loss of the capital. In times of falling prices, no investing plan can ensure a profit or guard against loss. The opinions provided are not intended as financial advice or performance predictions and are subject to change without notice. Performance in the past does not ensure success in the future. Prior to making any investing decisions, get the advice of a financial advisor.

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